Rather than paying the 10cents a minute on our current US phone provider to ring my sister in the uk I signed up for the skypeout service this afternoon. The annoying thing is that you have to pay 10euros up front but that gets you a rate of 1.1p/minute to us,uk,australia etc. So the 37 minute phone call cost about 40p. compare that to the 3 minute phone call on BT that she made to me at 27p. The quality was excellent – no different to a normal phone. The only downside is I don’t have a cordless headset whereas I do have a cordless phone so I had to sit at the computer, but that means you can look at web pages at the same time.
Now if only she would sign up for skype herself – then it would be totally free (apart from the 10euro’s I’ve just spent in prepaid time that unfortunately expires. That will however will probably come in handy for calling my parents and other non-broadband enabled uk technophobes)


  1. Neil T.

    SkypeOut is very good. The €10 minimum topup is a little annoying, especially as with their rates it takes so long to spend it all!

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