Skype Prime

Skype have now introduced premium phone and data capabilities if you have the latest version. Funnily enough their blog post doesn’t mention anything about it being great for those who want to host their own “personal video chats” or voicechats for a charge – instead it focuses on the use for support calls and such like……. I’m not convinced this will be the number one use for the technology, after all I think i’d spend more time talking someone through setting up a beta version of skype than I would solving their problem – although it would stop people asking me for free support – I could just tell them to call me on my skype number after they’ve worked out how to install it 😉


  1. Alon Cohen - BitWine

    You can do better than that.
    install the BitWine extra within skype.
    Or register at

    We take no commission
    We have no limit on charges
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    We provide a widget that show your availability and a way for people to set appointments in case you are not available.


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