Skype bonus

Skype are doing a decent bonus in that if you sign up for $10 or 10euros worth of skype out minutes (or voicemail) then you get 3 months of voicemail free and 2 hours of skypeout credit if you pay by credit card. I now only have .06euro’s left in my account after our first $10 purchase so I am about to renew. The annoying thing is that most of the people in the uk don’t have skype although I had a great 100 minute conversation about the church website this morning over skype for free 🙂


  1. Joe Anderson

    On my Skype contact list 4 people – only 3 of them have ever used Skype. Why doesn’t anyone use it over here? I don’t know. The scary thing is the general public know of Google Talk but not of Skype.

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