Remote assistance.

I like this Remote assistance in XP. I was able to connect to the parents-in-law PC on Sunday and troubleshoot an anti-virus update problem they had. The performance was stunning and it was as if they were connected on my lan. I don’t know what sort of speed cable is in the states but its certainly faster than UK asdl connections. A 3mb patch from symantec came down extremely quickly. I had to use the same software to troubleshoot a colleagues pc at work this morning. Didn’t work quite as well, the performance was slower and for some reason I couldn’t take control of the mouse and keyboard which it said I had control over, but the screen refresh was good enough for me to talk the end user through the troubleshooting process whilst I watched the output. The end user was happy when they got the problem solved and saved me a 3 hour journey up the motorway to their house.


  1. bill maguire

    I recently went broadband on Virgin net.Its ok but I havent been able to use my chat on messenger since??

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