Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal on Friday went very well with lots of direction so we all knew where to stand, move and stay 🙂 Afterwards we all went to Fratelli’s in Roswell for a fantastic feast of italian food. Everyone had the chefs special which seemed to be about a 20 course meal. It started off with 2 plates of salad, Fruschetta (sp?) bread and calamari. After that course, the entree’s started arriving and continued to do so for a good 20-30 minutes. They timed the arrival of the next dish to be just after the previous one had done the rounds around the table. By the end of the meal I think I counted about 9-10 different entree dishes on the table. Each one tasted really good and left you wanting more, but knowing that you shouldn’t as there was more to come.
The dessert looked (and tasted) delicious too. It had different types of cake on the plate – chocolate cake, Canoli’s (sp?), Tiramisu and Cheesecake. My favourite was the cheesecake, but that is hardly surprising for someone who’s irc nickname was CheesecakeBloke on occasions.