Geek Food?

geekfood.jpg You know your wife is a geek when she mentions that there are 10 kinds of geek food, French fries and Onion rings 🙂 Photo quickly mashed up from Judy Baxter after a search on flickr
This was after a discussion on the geek dinner that I hope to go to in August as part of the In The Trenches. However I’m not sure how long it would take to get to Cleveland – 2.5 hours according to google.


  1. Kevin H. Devin

    2.5 hours… OUCH! I hope it’s really not that far away. Would love to see you and Mike. But I fully understand if you can’t… that’s quite a haul for just an evening in the middle of the week.


  2. Mike McBride

    Given where Kevin’s hotel is I think we’re looking at about 2 hours flat. It’d be 2.5 to downtown Cleveland, but all that is totally dependant on traffic.

    Given the proximity to Cuyahoga National Park I’m thinking about taking friday off work and spending the night, then spending Friday with the camera at the park, but I need to clear some work stuff before I can commit to anything really.

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