Plesk worm on windows servers

There has been a worm infecting Windows servers running the popular plesk package (that provides shared windows hosting) due to a vulnerability in mailenable. My host has provided details on available fix, but first they disabled pop3 access to prevent the worm spreading. An interesting method of propagation and a pretty drastic measure to stop it – hopefully everyone signs up for the forum notifications or their helpdesk is going to be very busy.


  1. Steven


    I noticed that you use as your host.
    I know this because they accidentally send me your contact info.

    I have had nothing but problems with them, and I have canceled my account and moved to anther host,

    While I was canceling my account they accidentally send me your contact info.
    Yours mine and about 500 other peoples.

    This is a huge security risk, just image if they would have accidentally send me your billing info too.
    Anyways I’m spending the day going around to all the websites on the list telling them of his problem.

    I suggest that you switch hosts,
    Feel free to forward this to has web if you like.

    Note: the link on your side bar that reads “email me” does not work.

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