Symantec have a time machine!

I logged a ticket with Symantec today as I needed to download Maintenance Release 7 for their corporate edition 10.1 yet their fileconnect website only gave me version 11 (which is so unstable we refuse to install it). 2 hours later I got an email from their support site that started “We have been trying to reach you in the last few days to assist you with the issue regarding Symantec Antivirus but unfortunately we have not been able to do so.”
I guess they’ve invented a time machine in order to try and beat their really long wait times on hold for support…..either that or I forgot that I logged a ticket several days ago and they’ve finally got round to dealing with it!
Anyway, they’ve given me a new serial number to log into the website with so I can download the older version. I’m not sure if it’s an inplace upgrade (I hope so) rather than a removal and reinstall again – if its the removal and reinstall that means *another* 3 or 4 hours to remove, reboot, install and then fix the issues of the client software breaking other software again.
I guess I *really* need to get some time to investigate nod32 network deployments – anyone had any experience with this?



    darn it….I wish you would have posted this yesterday. We just reconciled all of our Symantec licenses and realized how out of compliance we were. After getting the new licenses I thought to myself, I’ll upgrade from 10 to the wiz-bang “Endpoint protection”. Even the new name sounds manly. I did a test deployment out to my underwriting department and the deploy didn’t remove the old version like it was suppose to and all of a sudden, my underwriting supervisor had two versions of antivirus running on her computer that I couldn’t remove. An Acronis image later and things are coming back to normal. I can’t wait until the deploy out to the next department

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