Onenote export to web

A very cool OneNote Powertoy to export a OneNote Notebook to a website looks like a great must-have for publishing data to those unfortunate people who don’t have OneNote. I’ll be installing this on Monday and will try uploading a small notebook to see what the output looks like in IE and firefox.
I’ve used OneNote for several years and now have at least 4 of my colleagues using it on a daily basis as it is just so useful for gathering customer related information into one place. Just showing them the features such as audio notetaking,the offline functions and collaboration doesn’t take long to get them to see the potential and start using the software. The only problem we now have is that it is an extra storage location for customer data – we now have a OneNote Notebook per customer, a directory on a file server containing word files etc and the Lotus Notes Database with information. Sometimes it takes longer to find the data as you now have to remember where you stored it. This could be stored all in OneNote but for people who don’t have OneNote that wouldn’t be very useful and heaven forbid we use anything other than Lotus Notes! Thanks Daniel


  1. AdminID

    It creates .mht files of the pages, which don’t display properly in FireFox.

    I use the IE Tab extension to stay in FF and see it.

    The other limitations:
    * Pages are read only. No editing from the browser.
    * Section Groups are not supported. The hierarchy is flattened.
    * Sub Pages are not supported. The hierarchy is flattened.
    * Embedded OneNote files show up as pictures, not clickable objects.
    * Internal notebook hyperlinks are not redirected the corresponding page in the webview

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