Flickr can read EXIF data

I uploaded a couple of pictures to the Geotagged Ohio flickr group and then got a comment on the photo requesting me to geocode the photo. This was a surprise to me as I’d already encoded the photos with wwmx so was expecting Flickr to have already coded the pictures. It turns out that you have to enable exif data import before you upload photos. Afterwards, any new pictures will automatically get uploaded.
Update See also my post on locr that is a new alternative for geotagging your photos prior to uploading to flickr.


  1. Bryan Price

    Interesting. I just signed up for Flickr Pro in June. Two years (why not?)

    And then I heard that if you switched from Yahoo! pictures to Flickr, you’d get 3 months free Flickr Pro. Well, I converted (hey, they sent the email) and promptly converted my beauty shot that I already had uploaded to Flickr as my picture. It was the only thing. I just went to check my setting (wwmx sounds interesting, I’ll have to google that) and noticed that my account now expired September, 2009. So I got a three month extension of my account for having one picture on their free service.

    Cool! 🙂

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