Happy 4th July!

Dublin 4th of July Parade Happy 4th of July to all of the american’s visiting this blog! Today is the third July 4th we’ve celebrated in the States. Last year Kristen was in Texas at a wedding and this year both her brothers, their wives and kids are in town so it is a packed house at the in-laws. Kristen drove to get her brother from Dayton airport this morning so I went to the parade to take some photo’s. This is the second July 4th I’ve been to and the second parade this year (the first being the St Patricks Day parade. I was a bit disappointed with the parade as so many of the entrants were exactly the same as the St Patricks Day and it still makes me wonder why some of the groups are allowed in the parade – surely an empty old people’s home bus should not really be an entrant?
I took several photo’s but haven’t worked out where to put them yet – Zooomr smartset functionality is still down and I’m limited with the number and size of images at Flickr but I will get around to uploading some of them later.
It was nice and sunny this morning but now it is riaing and thundering – hopefully the weather improves as the Village People and KC and the sunshine band are scheduled to play at the concert tonight before the Dublin fireworks.