New car!

scionmedia The new company car arrived at the office today – they’ve got one of the horrible looking boxes with wheels on – aka scion. Admittedly, with the smart wheels and rear bumper that it has, it doesn’t look that bad – and the advantage of the boxiness is that it has plenty of room for signage on the car. When I looked through the window I was a bit worried as it only had a cd player – no use for my mp3 player, but was then told it would play mp3 cd’s – which was good news. Even better is that it has a 3.5mm jack to plug the mp3 player into AND a cradle to hold it in place – sweet! The car doesn’t have cruise control which was a suprise as nearly every car has cruisecontrol over here but driving around columbus it’s pretty rare that you get to use cruisecontrol anyway. The boot was suprisingly small for a boxy car, but I think thats because there is a fair amount of room for the rear passengers – but the seats can be folded down for storage and carrying servers, printers and the other tech stuff we lug around. I’ve yet to drive it – that’ll be later this week or early next week so I can’t comment on the driving but apparently it is pretty good. It’s white (at the moment) and thats all the important things on a car covered – I have no idea on the engine size, rpm, bhp or any of that other stuff.