Lost dvd has got “lost”

A while back I decided to get the series 1 of Lost from Amazon from an amazon marketplace seller who had had good feedback. Unfortunately that was March 19th and I’ve still not received anything. However looking at the sellers feedback it looks like I’m not the only person with problems from this user (There was only one complaint when I placed the order). I complained to amazon as the positive feedback looked suspicious as people were saying they had received goods within 2 days but I hadn’t even received an acknowledgement – amazon replied to tell me I had to wait until 28 days before I could claim my money back -the last day for the goods to arrive is tomorrow and then Thursday I’ll be claiming. In the meantime, I’d recommend you stay away from [email protected]
Update I thought I’d delete my feedback and add something else to it – but it turns out that if you delete feedback on amazon then you can’t add another feedback comment – my comment was “12 days from order, no goods, acknowledgement or contact from seller despite 2 emails requesting information” now it’s “Still no feedback from this user – I’ll be claiming against Amazon after tomorrow”


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