Music Meme

Kelly passed on a music meme and so here are my answers…

  • Amount of Music on my computer 14.6gb although 3.6 of that are talking books
  • The last CD I bought Keane’s hopes and fears. Some great songs although they do tend to sound very samey if you listen to them a lot.
  • Item playing right nowThe Call’s Let The Day begin – mainly because it was the last tape that I recorded to mp3 before the clearout before moving to the states. I first heard this whilst at Greenbelt in 1988 and loved it. Shame they didn’t go onto do anything else that got popular.
  • 5 songs I listen to a lot
    1. Dirty by Audio Adrenaline – in particular the Stoke On Trent remix where the local town was used over the normal lyrics when they were interviewed by Cross Rhythms radio. This new mix got played until the boss found out and pulled it for the official link.
    2. Something by the Newsboys – too many good tracks to mention and is often on my playlist.
    3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – keeps popping up on my Yahoo launchcast (which is how I tend to listen to music most of the time when at the computer)
    4. Honestly by Stryper – can you tell I like the oldies?
    5. Manic Monday by Relient K although I’m reluctant to post that as I might get fan mail again from all the females who think that I am somehow in the band because I posted I got to see them in concert. Relient K topped Yahoo’s Who’s Next poll recently so they are starting to go places. (yep thats another 80’s hit)
  • Five people to whom I’m passing the baton
    Danny (good excuse to get blogging again!)