Multiple calendar management in Outlook2010 – copying appointments

I’m using the Outlook2010 beta at home and loving it. The interface is nice and clean and there are several nice features that are new to the program. One of the things that I discovered this morning was that copying an appointment from one calendar to another automatically selects the same date and time on the destination calendar as the original calendar. This obviously makes sense as if you were going to copy an appointment from a colleagues calendar, or a shared internet calendar to your own calendar, it is likely that you want the same times. All you have to do is drag the appointment over to anywhere on the new calendar and  the appointment is automatically copied across. In outlook2007 the copy functionality is still there, but you have to get the right date and time as you copy the appointment – more flexibility but more time and care is needed when placing the appointment.

See the screenshot below for some details. (You’ll probably need to click on it to see the full details.Showing how to copy an item from one calendar to another in Outlook 2010


  1. Gail Headlee

    Have you tried syncing Outlook2010 with Google Calendar? I’ve had some trouble doing this with Outlook2007…recurring appointments don’t always translate properly.

  2. Post

    Currently I only read my google calendar in both 2007 and 2010 – haven’t plucked up the courage to do the sync yet….what problems are you getting?

  3. Gail Headlee

    Google doesn’t seem to translate Outlook’s repeating events properly, e.g., monthly meetings that are “every second Tuesday” in Outlook2007 are showing up on Google as “the 10th of every month.” Haven’t put much effort into troubleshooting this…was hoping to pick your expert brain a little 🙂

  4. Stephanie Smith

    hey, andy, just googled “calendar” to make a calendar for Ellie and saw your picture pop up; hope you are well. Boston has turned chilly.

  5. Post

    Thanks Steph – it’s pretty cold here too but probably not as cold as it is up there. We had the first couple of flurries yesterday.

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