MS Spyware alerts and alerts and alerts….

I installed the MS antispyware on the parents in law (PIL) computer and although it didn’t find anything it does have some funny things going on.
If I log on as me I get no alerts from the application. However if I log off and then log on as the PIL I get 3 alerts pop up as below. However these only occur if I’ve logged on before they have. I can’t work out what application keeps changing these settings as there is nothing obvious in the startup list. Any ideas?
Interestingly, the url redirects to

Internet Explorer URLs alert

Internet Explorer URL for Search Bar has been allowed to be changed from to This URL is in the user’s allowed Internet Explorer URL list

Internet Explorer Security Settings alert

Occured on: 4/27/2005 at 10:12:49 AM

An Internet Explorer security setting & Warn about invalid site certificates and has been granted permission to be changed. This setting is in the user’s allowed security settings.

Internet Explorer Explorer Bars alert

Occured on: 4/27/2005 at 10:12:48 AM

Internet Explorer Bar Microsoft Shell Browser UI Library c:\windows\system32\browseui.dll has been granted permission to be installed. This program is in the user’s allowed Explorer Bar list.

About Internet Explorer Explorer Bars: An Explorer bar (band) is a panel like the Favorites, History or Search panels that you see in Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer.