Linksys Wireless NIC

I’ve had the misfortune to have to reconfigure an xp machine with a linksys WPC54G pcmcia card and it is awful. Sitting in the lounge it very rarely connects to my netgear wifi hub upstairs. It keeps asking me for the wep key and doesn’t connect even though the signal strength is about 60%. However if I leave it long enough or walk up the stairs, the card kicks in and then I can walk back downstairs again and use wifi ok…..until I need to reboot. As I am doing a reinstall, there are lots of reboots – about 4 for windows updates, Norton Internet Security has needed about 4 (and its still not finished) and I’m sure other software has also needed reboots. Hopefully the performance will be better when the linksys card is partnered with the adsl gateway that has been purchased – I’ll find out later this week (as I have two installs scheduled this week!)