Kristen’s NetMD

Finally got round to installing the pants Sony Sonicstage software on the pc after the rebuild over Christmas. Reading the readme files, which looks like it was randomly translated in several languages and back into english via babelfish, I can’t believe the number of restrictions (ie only w2kpro is supported, no other w2k platforms. xp ONLY if you are logged on as THE administrator, etc). I finally got through the maze of website navigations to see if there were any software updates for the system. I eventually ended up at the Sony Musiclub page which is the best portal homepage. From there you can download two updates to the main software, one 45MB the other 4MB (and you need to download and install the 45mb one before you can install the 4mb one.) There are also two player addon’s, one which determines your mood by analyzing the music you are playing (I think) and a Realone player for the software.