I hate online shopping sometimes.

I’ve decided to go for the second (and final) exam of the MCDST certification and purchased the online training and exam voucher from Measureup. Unfortunately their stupid system did not include the voucher code with the receipt for the exam so I can’t actually register for the exam. Naturally their support lines are now closed and I’m *really* hoping that there will still be exam vacancies at the testing centre for Wednesday when I ring MeasureUp to complain as I will not be a happy bunny if I can’t take the exam in August (not that I’m expecting to fail of course).
As an aside on the quality of MeasureUp’s practise exams – they are pretty good but way out of date. Most of the questions that I had today were on service pack2 and it’s new features including Remote Desktop Support, Popup blocking and ICS. None of this was covered in their online support material (which did cover service pack1).
I’ve also had a couple of problems using the exams – the problem I had with only 106 questions appearing instead of 150 was unexplicably caused by either Firefox or an invalid cookie – using IE which I hadn’t used on the site gave me the full 150 question set.


  1. me

    Apparently they have run out of vouchers – what sort of excuse is that?
    Currently waiting for a manager to get in so they can add some more to the system

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