HTTP/1.1 New session failed

Got the above error message on the mail server this afternoon which was a new one on me. Apparently it is caused by the lack of available memory on the server. We have 1.5GB of physical memory, the STORE.exe process was taking 900MB of that and there was a console message (not much use when I’m sitting at my desk!) mentioning that it had increased the virtual memory used. The eventlog had various error messages such as the one in the extended entry which explained the above. I had scheduled a reboot for 10pm tonight but then customers started ringing to say they couldn’t get into our web front end so I had to reboot. This is the first time I’ve had this so I hope it doesn’t start to become a regular problem.

COM+ has determined that your machine is running very low on available memory. In order to ensure proper system behavior, the activation of the component has been refused. If this problem continues, either install more memory or increase the size of your paging file. Memory statistics are:
dwMemoryLoad = 83
dwTotalPhys = 1599635456
dwAvailPhys = 258523136
dwTotalPageFile = -1241755648
dwAvailPageFile = 143310848
dwTotalVirtual = 2147352576
dwAvailVirtual = 2044035072
Server Application ID: {3D14228D-FBE1-11D0-995D-00C04FD919C1}
Server Application Name: IIS Out-Of-Process Pooled Applications


  1. Chad Nordstrom

    Did you ever find an answer to this? I’m having the very same problem. We recently added 2 new Windows 2003 servers to our server farm. One of our Windows 2000 Servers started getting the COM+ error (looks like as soon as we activated the new servers). Very frustrating with absolutely no answers online.


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