Google earth and display driver.

I’ve never had my display driver blue screen and not respond, but this morning it happened for the first time. Using Google Earth I was exploring Australia when all of a sudden the mouse and keyboard stopped working and the computer beeped. About 20 seconds later I got a fault in the display and it went back to a 640*480, 16 colours resolution, told me to reboot and then send the error report to Microsoft. Immediately after sending the error report I get sent to their analysis page which tells me that a Microsoft analyst has investigated this problem and they don’t have a solution and that I should contact Intel for a solution…..hmmmmm I wonder how much of that is true. Apparently you can track this problem and get notified when/if they update a solution – apart from the fact that the wizard fails saying the page can’t be found.


  1. Dave M.

    I notices this a few days ago while flying across Breckenridge, CO. I was rather surprised to see the 640x480x16 video mode.

    I get the feeling that there is still a little work that is needed to be done with the client. Although, I don’t remember seeing this in Keyhole for the week I was looking at it.

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