Google abuse?

Some anonymous bloke complained that I was abusing Google’s page ranking because one of my pages appears second in the search
results for a particular phrase. Seeing as though the other results on the page are all related to the problem I was blogging about and I’ve not manipulated Google in any way I’ve no idea why they were moaning. Judging from the email address they left they probably have a bee in their bonnet about blogs.
As an aside, this is more likely to prove why certain results appear higher in google. Just study the html in the page, the search results and wonder no more.


  1. Neil T.

    I’ve had a couple of those before too, mostly when I got some automatic redirects wrong and therefore the result on Google corresponded to a different entry. But there certainly seems to be a contingent of people who really dislike the popularity of blogs in search results – unfortunately, since blogs are generally cleanly designed, regularly updated and often well-linked, Google tends to like them.

  2. joy

    Google loves me. I’m also ranked high (my blog page rank is 6) in a good number of keyword searches.

    If I have relevant content (I’ve gotten several compliments from folks who said I was the only source for what they were looking for) why shouldn’t Google rank me high?

    As for Doug’s comment, I’d personally delete it. No need ot keep crap like that on your blog. It’s abusive and he failed to leave a valid email address.

  3. Chris

    Everyone can get a listing in the phone book, but those that pay get a better one.

    Zap it mate and forget the looser. If he’s so useless that he can’t pump his google ranking then he should open his wallet and pay google for one of those little green adverts on the right of the search results.
    My advice – tell him to read others comments here and 554 his mails with “:fail – Get a life, google ranking is a quality measure”


    Its sunday morning on a busy weekend and I’m recovering fro a disk failure, I’m allowed to be cranky :-/

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