-1056749164 when exporting a mailbox in Exchange 2007

Trying to export an Exchange2007 mailbox using the export-mailbox cmdlet I was getting the error message “Failed to copy messages to the destination mailbox store with error: MAPI or an unspecified service provider. ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000, error code: -1056749164”

A lot of the tips online suggested that I excluded the inbox folder, but that doesn’t help as I needed to export the entire mailbox as this was for a user who had left the company.

Microsoft has a kb article on this and states the problem is fixed with Rollup4 for Exchange, but I was already on Rollup5.

Thanks to kyBOSH on the Technet forums , it turns out that I needed to give my account FullAccess to the mailbox using the command “Add-mailboxpermission account -accessrights fullaccess -user myaccount” Obviously you need to replace account with the accountname of the user that is being exported and myaccount is the accountname that is doing the export.

Whilst searching for these results I discovered how bad Microsoft’s Live Search is.

Searching for -1056749164 on technet gives 619,000 resultsThe initial search for “-1056749164” on Technet came up with 619000 results (although when I reran it later it dropped to 512000!).

Searching for -1056749164 on the internet gives zero results As the results were completely useless I expanded the search to the entire internet – this time the search returned zero results!

Wink to record screens to flash

From Lifehacker I was pointed to a free utility called Wink which records screen, mouse and keyboard and saves them as a flash or an exe file for tutorials. In common with other software I’ve tried before, in the autorecord mode where it automatically takes screen captures on a mouse and keyboard press, the screen capture takes place after the screen has refreshed from the mouse click. So what you tend to end up with is the mouse moving to a certain location on screen 1 which doesn’t make sense. Then the screen refreshes and the mouse is at a sensible location for screen 2.
To get round this problem, just make sure you screen capture before and after every click of the mouse and then the cursor seems to move to sensible places.
I’ve used it this morning to upload about 3 tutorials on using Mambo (the incredibly powerful but too confusing cms). One of them was to use with the podcasting capabilities of MamboPodcast so that the website can now have mp3 downloads and podcasts too.
I can’t link to the tutorials as it contains urls that I don’t want public – yet.
Update Other (free) products that do something similar are Camstudio and Bulent’s Screen Recorder, the latter I’m sure I’ve used before.