gmail antispam broken?

Why is it that gmail seems to be incapable of blocking the emails that start “Hello! I am bored tonight. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you”. It’s not like its a difficult phrase to detect and not something that is likely to be used in everyday emails. I would have thought that marking 99 (or more) of these as spam would have clued the antispam engine to make sure that these emails don’t get delivered to my mailbox.
Update I checked my spam folder this morning and I actually had about 4 or 5 of these emails in the spam folder (amongst the other 350 spams) so maybe it is working (now). Deleting the 20,000 spams that were in the spam folder previously made it hard to work out which were new spams. It would also be nice if marking an email as spam would tag it slightly different so you could tell which was taggedspam and which was detectedspam.


  1. Mike McBride

    I wonder if it’s only broken for one server’s worth of accounts or something? I have gotten tons of those emails over the past few weeks, and not one hasn’t been marked as spam for me. Obviously, at least in some cases, Gmail is identifying it as spam.

  2. Rob Brewer

    gMail has been taking care of these messages and putting them in the spam bin for me. I think only one actually made it to my inbox. It’s interesting that it works for me, but not you.

  3. Bryan Price

    I’m not getting them on Gmail. Yahoo! has been pestering me a bit, but I don’t get much email on that addy to begin with.

    I’m not paying too much attention to what gets thrown in the Spam box, just a quick scan to make sure I’m not blocking anybody obvious either.

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