Desktop Remote Control

Pieter mentioned UltraVNC which is his preferred method of remote control, even over xp’s Remote Desktop. Now if that is the case then UltraVNC must be very souped up performance wise. We already use VNC (in different guises) for control of remote client desktops and sometimes the performance of the desktop refresh is awful – especially over a dialup connection where we can never get higher than 28.8 out of the office! Remote desktop/Terminal Services has always given us better performance, unfortunately its just limited to xp and W2k machines. I’ll be checking out Ultravnc later today.It certainly looks good with work done on the bandwidth,file transfer ability and integration with nt usernames to control who has access.

PS – Hope your wife (I presume its not the cat) gets better soon Pieter and your comments have disappeared from the site overnight.


  1. Me

    Just downloaded UltraVNC and the performance is VERY fast on the lan. Not tried it over a dialup connection yet as i’ve got to get it on a remote pc.

  2. Me

    I’ve still not had a chance to put it on a dialup pc remote from where I am. however lan testing has been very good apart from one nt box where it just stops working after I fire up the start menu 🙁

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