Security searches at airports

Wired ran an article about electronic device searches at airports. I’ve had a laptop through baggage before with no questions asked and I don’t think the goons on security would even know what a laptop *should* look like when it boots up and whats to stop someone replacing the removable hard disk/cd etc with something a bit less electronic? (careful choice of words here!) The PC would still boot and it wouldn’t be obvious it had been tampered with. The last couple of lines say that certain types of playing cards are also suspicious as they can have sharp edges….that is really going to please Kristen as she loves her playing cards and its the only thing that keeps her sane now they’ve banned sewing needles as she used to cross stitch on the plane. Having said that, it was the only thing that kept me sane the time we had to wait 5 hours whilst they cancelled the plane when she flew back to the states all those years ago! (Tomorrow is our 4th anniversary!)