Coppers get off speeding charges

Talk about one law for some and another entirely different one for coppers! The BBC reports that two BBC policemen beat speeding charges because warning signs had the wrong colour border……whats that got to do with the fact that they were speeding? Surely it doesn’t matter if there were warning signs or not? Just shows that speed cameras are a load of rubbish.


  1. Neil T.

    Actually the whole sign was wrong – it had a yellow background instead of a white one, so it wasn’t as visible. It was on the local news this evening.

    But still, the 50mph limit sign was perfectly visible – as police officers I don’t think they’re setting a good example by going faster than the signposted speed…

  2. PhoenixDaCat

    I reported a police van for speeding last Friday. I followed it from the M61 onto the A666 going into Bolton and when it hit the 50mph limit it carried on at 85, until the GATSO camera, when it braked hard, before accelerating again. Did this at the other 2 cameras. No blues, no twos, and sat waiting at red light, so couldnt possibly have been on a shout.

    Last month I reported a police van for not displaying a valid tax disk. Had a call from a chief inspector to thank me for bringing it to their attention!

    Time for me thinks!

  3. PhoenixDaCat

    Actually, did you realise that the speed limits imposed by the matrix signs on motorways are not enforcable, except on the M25. The reason being is that there is no red circle, indicating a mandatory instruction, around them. They are advisory only.

    The police do you for driving without due care instead!!

  4. Me

    Phoenix – you are really asking for the police to have a vendetta against you! I did know the speed limits are not mandatory. If they are not mandatory and you get caught by a camera in roadworks doing over 50 (for example) and you were doing less than 70, does the NIP say you were speeding or driving without due care? If the former couldn’t you argue not guilty mlud?

  5. PhoenixDaCat

    a ha, but roadworks are regulated by temporary signs, which are of the mandatory kind. However, it could be possible that if roadworks overrun their estimated time, the temporary local traffic act is no longer valid, and the signs are meaningless, so its always worth checking with the local council if you are done.

    As for the vendetta against the police, my closest friend is a copper and through her I now have 5 good friends who are coppers. They all hate coppers who dont obey the law.

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