Connection problems.

What sort of ISP blocks pings and traceroutes on their routers (allegedly to cut down on virus traffic) so you have no chance of troubleshooting connectivity problems?


  1. Kevin

    Mine did that too. I have a Linux firewall I built. I have a script that pings google and cisco every 30 mintues. If both do not respond, it reboots its self. I do this because if the cable goes out, seems it never comes back without a re-request of an IP address. So if I am not around, it will reboot an thus re-request an IP.
    Well… Then Adelphia blocked ICMP. Every 30 minutes my firewall started to reboot…. GRRRRR…..

  2. decamel

    yeah i had a problem like that too … so the way around it was to use a PHP script that opens a stream to google then yahoo (since yahoo is always up it seems). though I’m sure you thought of that.

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