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Jerry Kindall uses MT

I used to read Jerry Kindall a long time ago when I used blogrolling as my primary method of finding out when blogs were updated…then I discovered RSS readers and at the time he didn’t produce a feed. I checked out my blogrolling links this evening and saw he had recently updated so went across to take a look. Not only does he now use MovableType and therefore has a rss feed, he linked to a neat Animals on the underground website. I’m almost considering having an underground category as I’ve quite a few posts on the underground (Ok, not as many as I thought I did, but this might change!)

Links for Kristen.

From Stewed Tea comes a couple of links which I thought Kristen should put on her blog as she’s suffering from a flu which led to an ear infection which led to vertigo problems. So we have the , Flu eme
My answers below:-
1) Has the ‘flu caught you this winter If so, when? Not yet for me thankfully.
2) How many people at home/work d’you know who’ve had the ‘flu? 1 at home, 2 at work so far
3) How many days have you/they been off sick (on average)? The week for Kristen, two days at work.
4) Worst symptom? Ear infection and vertigo
5) What did you/they do while off sick that you/they wouldn’t normally do, in an attempt to stave off boredom/cheer yourself up? eg what daytime TV programmes did you watch? Play Ratchet and Clank I think 🙂

Theres also this domain which would be related to Kristens blog too, www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com