My first greasemonkey script

I created my first greasemonkey script that will add a link to flickr in a geocaching web page for pictures tagged with the geocache name. For example GCMAG6. The experience of coding was a bit of a headache as I didn’t know what greasemonkey was expecting and I don’t know much about javascript (it’s VERY case sensitive!). The tutorial/book at Dive Into Greasemonkey was very helpful for the former problem and using the javascript console solved the latter problem.

Image uploading again.

I can now upload images in firefox again. (see this post for when it failed).
I ran firefox in safe mode using firefox -safe-mode and I was able to upload an image to flickr ok. This meant that the problem was a conflicting/corrupt/flakey extension. I went through my list of extensions and deleted some that were duplicate in other extensions and tidied up the ones I no longer needed. I removed informeter, livelines,tab clicking options, undoclosetab, sitebar and evernote extensions and the problem went away. I reinstalled sitebar and evernote (as I use these) and the browser doesn’t crash.