footnotes in Word

If you’ve ever tried to create a footnote in Word and got the daft error message that states “Start At must be between 1 and 16383 for this format.” when the Start At is set to 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 or …) then the fix is to select the entire document apart from the last paragraph mark (turn the viewing of paragraph marks on by pushing the ΒΆ button on the toolbar) and then copy paste the document into a new document. Hopefully the document is not that big and that you can copy paste with no problems! Thanks to this post on google groups for the answer

Solving “Library not registered” errors with quickbooks.

I’m getting the message “library not registered” when attempting to open a navigator in quickbooks with errors on the various qpg files that it tries to open. On speaking to their tech support who had me remove the software, install it, install in safe mode, remove, reinstall in normal mode, then download the updates again (thankfully I had saved the 80mb patch file to disk so I didn’t have to download it again) he then recommended that I repair Internet Explorer as this was the problem. Unfortunately you can’t repair IE in xpsp2 (see KB318378 so I reinstalled xpsp2 again.
At this point, he admitted, several times, that NOONE in support can tell me what ocx’s or dll’s are required by the various pages used in the Navigator pages. I asked who could tell me which files are needed, but he kept telling me to repair internet explorer instead.
I’ve heard Intuit’s support is notoriously bad and I now believe it. I would have expected him to check my internet explorer security settings, popupblocker settings and it was only after about 40 minutes on the phone that he checked what version of quickbooks I was using (pressing F2 gives that information)
He was not interested in the fact that there was an incompatibility issue with Quickbooks Premier 2002 and Windows NT and that I am getting the same type of message. Unfortunately in this case, the pc that has a working copy of quickbooks and the faulty pc have the same version of comcat.dll
From the sounds of it, there is a permission problem in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\ but whereabouts I am not sure. It’s time to use regmon from sysinternals again to monitor for access denied messages when launching quickbook navigators.
Solution in the extended entry

frx and XP SP2

It turns out that if Windows XPSP2 is not compatible with cstext32.ocx and cscmd32.ocx (bundled with Great Plains software and others) and that you will often get a message saying that cstext32.ocx and cscmd32.ocx could not be registered quoting an error number 0x80040200. The official solution is to obtain a patch from the vendor and some vendors, such as hy-tek are more forthcoming than others.
I doubt it will be long before I start to get hits from Google on this as there are not a lot of solution pages out ther but a lot of problem pages!

Firefox 1.0.6

Firefox 1.0.6 is now out to fix the problem with broken extensions. Unfortunately it breaks roboform’s extension even more as they added version checking into their latest patch so it can’t be used in 1.0.6. I’m still having problems with this extension – I thought I had narrowed the problem down to a mailto link in a form but it also crashed on me this morning when adding some more urls to the MT blacklist. It didn’t like me selecting some text with the mouse, but when I repeated the action after it had relaunched it was ok.


MS Antispyware decided that logmein was spyware last night due to the possibility of it being used for remote control from afar. I’ve had this software installed on the computer for several months and this is the first time that it has been detected. Naturally I’ve flagged it as “ignore always”

Firefox 1.0.5 crashes with roboform

If you use roboform with firefox 1.0.5 you may find it crashes about 3 seconds after a web page is loaded. I’ve therefore gone back to 1.0.4 whilst I do some more digging. I’ve sent the reports off to roboform and microsoft, can’t do the mozilla ones as the talkback agent still doesn’t work.
Update I reinstalled 1.0.4 and then installed the roboform extension (I was previously using the .exe file addin. Then upgraded to 1.0.5 and boom – the browser crashed after a couple of secs. THEN the whole computer blue screened…this was not good. After a reboot I uninstalleded the roboform extension and everything is hunkydory again. Hope they fix this quick as I’ve come to rely on this extension.