Fifth Third in the dark ages (again)

I can’t believe what I’ve just been told by a banking advisor with Fifth Third – apparently you can’t send money from a Fifth Third account to another more up to date bank in the US via electronic payment. I’d love to know how money is meant to be moved from one account to another. Having asked to speak to a manager I get the same person on the phone telling me to do enter details that just do not exist on the website……And I thought the Royal Bank of Scotland Idiots was bad!

Todays the day for money screwups!

After not receiving the money for our house today, I also found out that none of our wages this month got paid as there was a problem with Huntington’s Automatic Clearing House procedures and the money did not go into the account (or anyone else’s at work) This is 5 days after the bank came to the office to give a presentation on how wonderful they are and how we should move our banking across to them – I have yet to be convinced that I should move.
In the end we got paid via paper checks (which could take a couple of days to clear – fortunately we don’t have a mortgage to pay today or tomorrow)

We were also due to see a mortgage advisor this evening but he had to cancel as he had forgotten it was Halloween and his kids would not be impressed if he didn’t go trick or treating with them. I understand his intentions, but tonight was the second attempt to try and meet up with him and tonight was the only evening we have free this week.

It’s been 2 weeks and I’m already annoyed!

…with my new bank. After a nice start at the bank on Saturday to fill out all the paperwork to open an account I got a letter yesterday from them to say they won’t give me a credit card as I have no credit history. I’m not sure if they spotted the irony in that statement or not, but from my next experience today I doubt it.
Today I get a letter from the branch manager (I presume as they didn’t put an address on the letter) that welcomes me to the branch and that they are “thrilled to get the opportunity to serve you and will do everything in our power to meet your expectations. If there is a financial need that we haven’t filled….”
Now if I wasn’t busy at work I’d love to slap the letter on his desk and ask why my credit card application was refused – instead I’ll have to settle with a phone call or wait until Friday night or Saturday morning.