Caching trips

As documented on my Caching blog I managed to do 9 caches over the weekend and collect 3 travel bugs and two trig points which is a pretty good tally. My knees are aching a bit though and I was very glad of my two walking poles when coming down the hill at Shutlingsloe. I was able to use them as crutches, put my weight on them and allow me to navigate down the hill without too much pain. Today, two days later, my knees were protesting a little bit when we doing the caches, even though I’d specifically chosed caches with terrain less than 2 (although that relies on you parking in the correct spot for the cache!) but I was able to walk without much assistance. So as the Doctor said a week or two ago – I just need to get used to it. As soon as they’ve recovered a bit more I need to get back on the eliptical cross trainer to build the strength in the knees.