A new blog – at the office.

A couple of my workmates have been pointed towards this blog when they need technical data that I’ve come across in the past. We were also discussing the need to let other techs know when our tools subdirectory is updated with new content (such as the mbsa visio plugin mentioned in the previous directory). I mentioned that a blog was needed and we thought that we could use one of the notes blog templates that is out there. We then thought that it would be a good idea to use the blogging facility within sharepoint as we do not have much experience with the software and this would give us real world experience in using sharepoint AND having an internal (and possibly an external) blog at the same time. Hopefully this will get approved next week and we can start to use it. Now I just need to find a RSS reader for Lotus Notes to read peoples updates. (We were originally going to use the KnowledgeBase discussion template within Notes but that doesn’t notify us whenever there is new content like it is supposed to do)


  1. Richard Schwartz

    There are several RSS readers for Notes. I wrote one of my own, but I’ve never put in the work necessary to make it good enough to release to others.

    There’s a free open source template called Studio Blog Reader downloadable from http://www.openntf.org

    I’ve used the Madicon reader from http://www.madicon.de It’s not free, but it’s quite good.

    I haven’t tried it, but Steve Catledine does very good work, and he has a beta reader out at http://www.projectdx.com

    I have a copy but haven’t yet tried Erwin van Hunen RSS reader that is integrated right into the mail template http://www.pmalog.net/2005/09/28/notes-as-an-rss-reader-continued


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