70-649 passed.

Took the exam this morning – I would say this is probably one of the easier exams, especially if you are familiar with the product (well duh!) A lot of the questions have keywords in them which means that instantly you know the answer has to be this particular one. Hard to explain, but in some exams you narrow down to two possibles and then you have to reread to get the correct one – in this case, keywords in the question instantly narrowed down to 1.
The annoying/scary bit is that it’s really 3 short exams in one and your worst score counts – if you fail one section you fail the lot. Fortunately I got 100% in the first two and 970 in the last one – I think I got one question wrong. Out of all the questions there were only 3 questions I wasn’t sure about – the others I knew were correct.


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