70-649 exam booked.

I booked my 70-649 exam last night for next Monday which gives me the weekend to do any last minute prep work and testing. I finished my 973 pages of reading the Syngress book – The Real MCTS/MCITP Exam 70-649 Prep Kit: by Brian Posey. The book wasn’t bad but there were quite a few errors in the book. There was only one sample answer that I totally agreed with (and therefore it must be wrong 😉 but there were a couple of times where text was repeated twice due to sloppy copy/paste editing and several times words were spelt wrong or letters missing. The last chapter for example, on Network Access Protection, seemed to be short on finishing the actual testing of the NAP client and unfortunately spent more time going on about tips for the exam. I would have thought this would be better in a separate chapter and instead actually go through the steps of testing the client machine for compatibility
Anyway, the exam is booked with the second chance offer .and if I pass I’ll be able to give the book a glowing review 😉
This exam is pretty good in that it is needed to upgrade my MCSE qualification to the 2008 equivalent but also gives me 3 MCTS qualifications,

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