70-291 is hard going.

I’m currently about half way through the prep for my 70-291 exam and its hard going. The third and fourth chapters were on subnetting and dns – both subjects I was reasonably comfortable with until I started reading the book – they seem to make the explanations really complicated and there are a lot of formulas to learn (in the case of subnetting) and that is not something I’ve done for a long time. Even my GCSE’s at the age of 16 had limited formula learning needed. It’s also hard to come home from a long day at work, have tea and then start on 2 hours of studying each night, but unfortunately it’s the only possible way forward at the moment 🙁


  1. Matthew Hull

    I can tell you that the 70-291 was the hardest test in my opinion. I found the Microsoft press book to be a good help with it. And I setup a couple servers with multiple NICs to practice routing the Microsoft way.

    Also practice setting up a demand dial VPN/Dial-up connection. There was some catch with that. The connection name had to have a matching user account on the other end. Crazy stuff

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