Month: January 2008

Flickr RSS feeds

As part of my effort in trying to improve my photography skills I have set up a PicADay set in Flickr. The most efficient way to view these photos is with an RSS reader but unfortunately Flickr doesn’t easily provide the links for the RSS feed. However by installing the Flickr RSS greasemonkey script you get one click access. Alternatively you can create an RSS feed using the Yahoo Pipes interface and a nice web page builder kindly provided by alto maltés. The end result is my PicADay RSS feed. I have include these pics automatically on Absoblogginlutely! – IRL but for this I used the Flickr Widget (unfortunately the authors website is broken so there is no point in linking to it).

Donate buttons now live.

My idea of putting a donate button on web pages that users arrive at after coming from Google or other search engines is now online. The process wasn’t simple as there doesn’t seem to be a plugin for Movabletype to include this sort of information. The steps I took are in the extended entry.

Popular posts from 2007

According to Google Analytics, the following are my most popular posts. Funnily enough, the post to Manually Remove Google Desktop had twice the number of hits to the Absoblogginlutely! home page.

  1. Manually removing Google Desktop
  2. Absoblogginlutely!
  3. Unknown error 0x80040600 – Outlook corrupt emails in deleted items.
  4. Clientdiag for troubleshooting WSUS
  5. Fixing vpmsece.dll errors in outlook (Symantec AV plugin problems). Interestingly I posted this in 2003!
  6. Audible to mp3 (how to conversion)
  7. Backup Exec jobs won’t run but go to queued.
  8. Spell Check not working in Word. Word hides the option in a very strange location.
  9. Svchost crash with 0x745f2780. Need to install a hotfix from Microsoft.
  10. Error 0x80096001 when trying to run Windows Updates

85% of my traffic came from search engines – 75% in total from Google. This shows I have great Google ranking but not many people stick around 🙁

I run a small site with only 61,000 unique visitors 2000 of whom are suprisingly on dialup, 45% of users use dsl or cable – no surprise there really.  Internet explorer accounts for 68% of users which I think is pretty large for a technical site. The 8 users who visited more than 200 times in the past year really need to learn the benefit of RSS feeds – if that is you and you need some help then let me know. 53% of users are in the USA, 13% in the UK.

Finally, as all good statistics are not complete with some sort of a graphic here is a map of visitors from the world – there are very few locations that haven’t visited – Madagascar was one that I could actually recognise from the map.

Vistors to in 2007

Welcome to 2008

Happy New Year everyone – I hope you all had a good evening. This is a quick post to announce my new blog, Absoblogginlutely! – IRL (IRL stands for In Real Life) and this will continue my no techie posts. I have had several users say that my main blog is too technical but they would still like to keep up to date with the news so feel free to head on over. I have been working on some of the content and posts over the Christmas break, but you’d be surprised as there doesn’t look like there is actually much there at the moment but the About Me page and the Contact Me page will make an appearance on this blog eventually.
There will be some cross posted content where appropriate, but this blog will focus on more of the Tech content and IRL will contain other things. This year I also intend to work on my photography skills and related content to that will be on IRL.