Month: September 2005

csccmd 1.1 works a treat

Following on from my previous post about offline files and client side caching , I can confirm that the newer version of csccmd1.1 works a treat and solved our problems. It took me about 50 minutes on the phone to Microsoft (which was nice as it was a sunny day in the park in the middle of Columbus) before I got through to someone who wouldn’t try to tell me to download the file off the website which is the old version that I already had with limited capabilities. As the kb article 884739 mentions you have to speak to PSS and as the file is not a hotfix you can’t get it from the hotfix team. I ended up speaking to the Enterprise support networking team to get the file (after the personal support and the business support were unable to release the file to me).

Information Improvisation

Not everyone is at ease in a computes and software shop. This is why the majority prefer to download software. In rare cases do they bother making a trip e.g. for purchasing microsoft office software edition 2007. Other software tools are preferably taken from freeware sites. The same is the case with mobile phone software.

frx and XP SP2

It turns out that if Windows XPSP2 is not compatible with cstext32.ocx and cscmd32.ocx (bundled with Great Plains software and others) and that you will often get a message saying that cstext32.ocx and cscmd32.ocx could not be registered quoting an error number 0x80040200. The official solution is to obtain a patch from the vendor and some vendors, such as hy-tek are more forthcoming than others.
I doubt it will be long before I start to get hits from Google on this as there are not a lot of solution pages out ther but a lot of problem pages!

My first football soccer game

The office had a tailgate party at the Columbus Crew game on Thursday night and it was a good idea to go and meet with the people I’m working with and their families. I had a great time with everyone and spent a lot of time reminiscing with one of the wives who had lived in England when she was a girl. The only down side to that was that I started missing some of the things we were talking about (mainly food items!). The funny thing was that she remembered half pennies and pound notes which have long been scrapped by the Bank of England.
Crew were winning until extra time when New England scored an equaliser but in that half the Crew goal was at the far end of the field, noone cheered and we didn’t even realise a goal had been scored.
The ironic thing about the whole night was that the first time in my life I go to see a football (sorry but there is no way I’m going to start referring to it as soccer) game it is in America and not in England where I’ve lived for 33 years AND it is at the Crew Stadium when I used to work at Crewe.

Firefox 1.07 installation.

As I’m sure many bloggers have posted, firefox 1.07 is out and is a security fix. (I’ve not read many blogs yet and I’m about 3 days behind). However as Steve pointed out they ask you to install into a new directory. I thought they had fixed this kind of hassle around the version 0.9 days. Out of interest I did an inplace upgrade and its behaved ok and removed the 1.06 (that I installed yesterday) onto the machine – or at least as far as add remove software from control panel it did remove it cleanly. Shockwave and flash installers offered to install into the 1.06 installation too so something is not quite right.

csccmd and offline files editing.

I’ve had this problem before and I don’t think I had blogged about it, but when you delete a server that has shares that are set up to allow client side caching (offline) use then you run into major problems when clients can’t see it anymore.
This blog post has *all* the details you need to know about the csccmd utility but do the following:-
csccmd.exe /MOVESHARE:\\oldserver\share \\newserver\share
csccmd.exe /RESID
The csccmd.exe file is available from the resource kit and a newer version from pss
Now hopefully when this happens again in the future I’ll be able to find it in the blog. For the first time in a long time I searched for a solution that I know I had come across but for some reason I had not blogged it. Bad brownie points for me this afternoon (but good ones tomorrow if this solution works 🙂

U2 rock Toronto

From what Kate says about the Toronto gig, U2 played a good concert with lots of audience participation. I’ve never been to one of their concerts but would really like too, but tickets are so expensive and difficult to get. Incidentally Kate, your comments are not working with a “You need to define a comments pending” error message. Unfortunately this blog is also getting hit with trackback spam – not a good sign for a MT 3.15 installation which I thought was meant to make it harder for this thing to happen.

First day at work.

It was a tough job getting up early yesterday morning for the first day at work. What was also weird was that I was out of the house just as everyone else was getting up – apparently I looked like a school kid on the first day of school as I left the house with a backpack on my back (You’ll be glad to know that I wasn’t wearing grey shorts though).
The funny thing when you start a new job is that the first thing you do is fill in the forms so you can have your wage packet reduced due to all the various types of taxes that will get deducted, so a nice encouraging start there!
After a run through of the company manual it was time to go see some clients. We only got to see two clients and I spent most of the time there filling out the server checklists which is a good way of getting used to all the customer sites.
Although it wasn’t a stressful or difficult day I was really tired at the end of it and enjoyed the meal that Kristen and I had at the Old Bag of Nails pub. This is famous for its fish and chips so I was looking forward to a traditional english meal. The menu is full of jokes and funny sayings and worth reading in full before you order and we both ordered the fish and chips. It would have been nice to have had photos of the meal in the menu as we’d have realised to only order one portion between us as it came with loads of chips and two fish portions the size of a normal english portion! Although the fish and chips were nice, we did feel that the fish was rather dry inside the batter and although it was a good meal I don’t think it lived up to its hyped reputation (although it was MUCH better than the harry ramsden’s fish and chips I had from a mall in Wales one time)
Today we’re off to about 3 more customer sites. No techie hints and tips (sorry Danny 🙂 yet but I do have a couple of puzzlers that I need to research. Out of Office setups on two sites are causing problems – one client has an individual who’s ooo just doesn’t work and another site where the mailbox cleanup agent removes all the ooo data when it runs. According to Microsoft this shouldn’t happen but it does!