csccmd 1.1 works a treat

Following on from my previous post about offline files and client side caching , I can confirm that the newer version of csccmd1.1 works a treat and solved our problems. It took me about 50 minutes on the phone to Microsoft (which was nice as it was a sunny day in the park in the middle of Columbus) before I got through to someone who wouldn’t try to tell me to download the file off the website which is the old version that I already had with limited capabilities. As the kb article 884739 mentions you have to speak to PSS and as the file is not a hotfix you can’t get it from the hotfix team. I ended up speaking to the Enterprise support networking team to get the file (after the personal support and the business support were unable to release the file to me).

Information Improvisation

Not everyone is at ease in a computes and software shop. This is why the majority prefer to download software. In rare cases do they bother making a trip e.g. for purchasing microsoft office software edition 2007. Other software tools are preferably taken from freeware sites. The same is the case with mobile phone software.


  1. Peter Schmidt

    Is it possible to have a copy of the tool. I´ve tried so hard to get it without any luck.
    Please email it to me ([email protected]), or send me a link to a download of it, if possible.

    Best regards, Peter

  2. Andy Zirkel

    Lots of people are looking for this file. Any way you could post a link? Or could you e-mail it to me and I’ll get it out there somehow? I haven’t been as lucky with support.

    Wishing you well,

  3. Andy Zirkel

    Sorry, I didn’t realize gmail doesn’t accept exe’s. Should have guessed though. Try this address, which I’ve tested.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  4. Ed Scott

    Andy, If you would send me csccmd 1.1 I would be grateful. I have offline files that I can’t extract with the older version of the program that is included in the resource kit. Thanks.

    Ed Scott

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