My first football soccer game

The office had a tailgate party at the Columbus Crew game on Thursday night and it was a good idea to go and meet with the people I’m working with and their families. I had a great time with everyone and spent a lot of time reminiscing with one of the wives who had lived in England when she was a girl. The only down side to that was that I started missing some of the things we were talking about (mainly food items!). The funny thing was that she remembered half pennies and pound notes which have long been scrapped by the Bank of England.
Crew were winning until extra time when New England scored an equaliser but in that half the Crew goal was at the far end of the field, noone cheered and we didn’t even realise a goal had been scored.
The ironic thing about the whole night was that the first time in my life I go to see a football (sorry but there is no way I’m going to start referring to it as soccer) game it is in America and not in England where I’ve lived for 33 years AND it is at the Crew Stadium when I used to work at Crewe.


  1. Stuart Cowen

    I even remember sixpence pieces which the Bank of England did away with years ago. My parents remember farthings as England went to the decimal system of currency in the 50’s or 60’s. Sorry if I’m geeking out on coins, but my Grandfather gave me a whole box of old British coins dating back to the late 1800’s. There were worn pennies which where bigger than the two pence piece (“tuppence”), the thick hexagonal three pence piece (“thruppence”), and a Ten Shilling Note with a very young QEII on it. I have to see if my brother still has those coins and post some pics of them.

    Glad you had fun at the Footie Match!

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