Month: August 2005

“Static” pages in MT

By following the clues at movalog I’ve managed to get a static page working with MT which means that I can write individual pages that include MT layout and data. This allows me to create pages such as About Me, Contact etc.
Note that I’m still using the static pages I’ve had for these examples but eventually I’ll get round to updating them.

(Almost) One click remote control for free

Ultravnc is now out as version 1.0 as opposed to being in permanent beta and one really cool feature is the use of a small exe that you can put on a web server, get people to download and run it (yes I know that *could* be a problem but then again if you are going to let someone remote control your pc then you have that trust already implied) and it opens up a reverse vnc session to your listening vnc console on the desktop. You agree to the session and you then have remote control of their desktop.
From a quick play that i had this afternoon, this SingleClick feature worked really well.
The instructions for doing this are not very well documented in my opinion so here is how to get it working (quickly). I’ll update more once I get more experience with the application.