Reading list problem solved?

I think I may have solved my reading list problem I mentioned earlier. By downloading and installing Open Media Lending Database into my Uniform server installation I now have a mini library system which even allows me to check out items to friends etc.
Installation notes in the extended entry.

The installation of the opendb system itself was fairly straightforward. However, to make it function properly I needed to do the following.
In the php.ini of uniform server, I had to edit the sendmail_from item to be from my own domain. This is because my mail server rejects any email not coming from the as an anti-relay measure.
Set the email.friendly_email_format in the config.php of opendb to FALSE as the RCPT field that was getting sent to the mail server within the mail was RCPT TO:<“Andy Helsby” >[email protected] > which was not accepted by the mail server (as I don’t think this is the correct syntax).
I then activated the plugins under SystemAdminTools/Site Plugins which enables the lookup of items from isbn or titles.
I added 2 new status types of Currently Reading and Borrowed From Library for books that I am currently reading and that will be set to Borrowed after I’ve returned them.
I’ve also installed the HomeTheaterInfo plugin but this was a bit nasty as it couldn’t find the initial table as it is looking for the tablename without the application prefix. Changing the name using phpadmin allowed me to proceed but then the script tries to load the data into the table WITH the prefix! This is a known bug but with no solution at the moment.