Month: August 2005

Download Squad broken

Oops – the Download Squad website is broken at the moment coming up with the error message “Microsoft VBScript compilation error ‘800a03e9’ Out of memory /b-c/design-43/posts.asp,line 0”. I’m not quite sure how you can have an error in line 0 of a web page but this does give you information on the structure of the website.
Interestingly, a google search shows that the problem is either a string/line which is over 1022 characters long or that you can’t have more than 64 for/next loops in a web page.


Waymarking is a spinoff from geocaching where rather than hiding cache containers in places, you now go to a certain place (or can obtain the location of certain places). An example are Trigpoints, libraries etc. As the domain has just been launched today there is not much information in there but later it will be populated with all the locationless, virtual and webcam caches.
I’ve already added a wifi point, my blog location and the Dublin Library.

Wifi with Mobile phone now works.

For some weird reason my wifi started to get disconnected whenever the cordless phone was used. Apparently 2.4Ghz phones cause interference with wireless as they operate on the same spectrum. The weird thing is that this was working ok for 3 months without causing obvious dropouts. A bit of searching suggested that changing the channel that the wifi is on should fix or reduce the problem. I changed from channel 11 to 1 (the other end) and the problem didn’t go away. I changed it to 6 and still it didn’t go away. Interestingly though a wifi card placed about 1′ away from the access point with the cordless phone being used downstairs would result in no wifi service. I changed the channel back to 11 last night and for some reason the wifi no longer gets disrupted when the phone is in use.
Seeing as though that is how I started off I am not sure why this problem has occured. Still, at least I can now use the internet when other people are on the phone.

WordPress 1.5.2 is out

WordPress 1.5.2 is out and includes an important fix to an important security bug. If you don’t upgrade then make sure you follow the instructions at the support site for a temporary fix until you do an upgrade (which I’ll do on my other site on Monday)
Update My test site is now upgraded (I forgot to disable the blacklist plugin first though (again)). I just have to do the installation on my uniform server too, but as that is not available on the internet there is no rush.

Computer assessment.

I had another interview with a recruiting company this morning and after the interview I was asked to complete two Windows2000 server tests. Both of them were on the setup and installation of Windows2000. The scores had been marked with an average of all the people across the consulting company who had taken the tests and I was suprised to see that the average was about 55% (I think – it could have been less). Although I found some of the questions hard, some of them were easy and quite a few of them were ambiguous – just like the Microsoft exams really. However I was pleased to get the results of 70 and 71% correct. I think if I had known I’d have been tested on these programs I would have swotted up a bit. I also think that some of the answers were incorrect.
One of the questions was “Which of the following servers can NOT be configured to use dhcp for a network address”. The answers were Dns server, dhcp server, AD controllers, print server, Wins server. I know for a fact (because I’ve done it in the past) that you can use dhcp for all of the above. Not necessarily recommended but it is possible. By setting a dhcp reservation for the mac address of a DNS, AD Controller and DHCP server , it is possible to have it use dhcp to get an address. The answer, according to MS, was that the last 2 were ok as dhcp servers….personally I beg to differ, but you just have to remember that there is the right way, the Microsoft way, the Real World way and the I can’t believe its not butter broken way.
Anyway, with those results, hopefully that will give the recruiter proof that I know what I’m talking about even if I don’t have the certifications to prove it. However the good thing is that they will have online training and also sponser the majority of the costs for accreditation once employed so I will be able to get my certs soon.