Month: April 2005

Manually removing Google Desktop

From the email that google sent me, here is how to remove Google Desktop by hand:-
Thank you for your note. If you’re unable to uninstall Google Desktop
Search through Add/Remove Programs and/or “Start” > “Programs” > “Google
Desktop Search” > “Uninstall Google Desktop Search,” you can remove it
manually. To do so, edit the Windows system registry and then delete the
appropriate program files. Here’s how:

Note: editing the Windows registry is an advanced process. You may prefer
to contact your system administrator.

That said, you should be able to solve the problem by deleting the
following registry keys:

– Hkey_Current_User\Software\Google\Google Desktop
– Hkey_Local_Machine\\Software\\Google\\Desktop\\InstalledNTUserName
– Hkey_Local_Machine\\Software\\Google\\Desktop\\InstalledUserSID

Restart your computer so this change can take effect, and then remove the
program files for Desktop Search. Here’s how:

Open C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME-THAT-NO-LONGER-EXISTS\Local
Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search. Delete all the
files in this directory.

If you need further assistance, please let us know.

The Google Team

Uninstalling Google Desktop Search as another user is not possible.

Apparently you can’t uninstall the desktop search if you installed it as another user as you get the error message “Google Desktop Search was installed on this machine by a different user, DOMAIN\Username. To uninstall Google Desktop Search logon as that user” This is not necessarily possible if the domain doesn’t exist anymore (and therefore you CANT log on as that user)
The funny thing is that if you enter the error message into Google it asks if you meant login and not logon. (and there are no results for either of the two options.
I’ve logged an error report with Google, so we’ll see how long it takes for some action on this.

Update Working instructions on How to manually uninstall Google Desktop are posted here.

Ah Yes, the old insomniac movie watching ploy

“It’s 6am, its chucking it down with rain – lets watch a movie” This was Kristen’s opening quote when she came downstairs (after the “what are you doing up?”) this morning. I woke up about 5am, couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and started reading my rss feeds – something I’ve not done for a couple of days so have loads to catch up on. Kristen woke up at 5.45 by the birdies singing in the window and is seriously thinking about training Winston to catch them 🙂
So we’re now watching The Pink panther Strikes Again.

Rapidough Salt

We went around a friends house last night as the first of our leaving do’s and after some delicious pizza (but no hanky panky this time) we played a game of rapidough where you have to mould things out of dough to get the other team members to guess the word on the card. Thankfully you are able to use the clay with actions, so a plane may be modelled and then waved around the room in a flying motion. Anyway, about half way into the game, I had the word salt. Thinking quickly I started to pinch small bits of plasticine off the lump and throw them over my shoulder. Kristen was horrified as the aim of the game is to keep as much plasticine as possible (and remove it from the opponents team) and here I was, throwing the remains of an ever decreasing lump of plasticine down the back of the settee! Thankfully it didn’t stun her too much and she managed to guess correctly with her first word after three throws. Much hilarity ensued as she complained about me reducing the dough – my protestations of “it was an attempt to ensure you guessed correctly quickly” were ignored and I was banished to find the pieces of plasticine (which I did much to the hosts relief)………….I think I got away with the fact that I was throwing the salt over my right shoulder when you are meant to throw it over your left 🙂