Yahoo Messenger upgrade and voice calling.

Yahoo’s Messenger now has voice calling capabilities built into it with free pc to pc communication – nothing new there, but they also have the ability to call standard phone lines including the UK (rates table). The weird thing is that calling London costs 1cent a minute, but calling anywhere else in the uk costs 1.5cents per minute. Still cheap, but weird how they have different prices. Unfortunately you have to pay a minumum of $10 to start with and the prepayment expires after 180 days of purchase or last use. This slight change to the expiry date is good news as it means you can keep the $10 going for a long time as long as you use it once every 6 months.
You also get free voicemail (something that skype charges you for) which is good – with delivery to your yahoo account or IM window.
They should really give you 10 minutes of free calling though so you can try the service to see if the quality is any good before you lay out your money.