Work updates.

The laptop keyboard has now been replaced so I can now type away again uninterrupted. It’s amazing how often the k key is pressed in one day. (three times in this post already!) I also had a chat with the certification bod and they want me to get my MCSE next year and the first exam will be an elective and they have chosen the Small Business Server exam. My exposure to this software is fairly minimal as I’ve only used it in live environments so I’m looking forward to spending some decent time on the software to see how it really works. I’ve requested a copy of virtual pc and the software to put on the laptop so I can play without causing any damage to live servers. I’ll probably need a bit more ram for the laptop to run it though. I’ve also got to come up with a way of generating an smtp feed of email so i can populate the exchange database – I’ll probably just run some batch files to use blat to send emails to it or something…..
It is hard work getting up early in the morning though – I went to bed at 9.30 last night and I’m about ready to go to bed now!