Windows 7 Upgrade advisor ran into a problem

I downloaded the Windows 7 upgrade advisor from Microsoft, that is currently in beta on both my work and my home pc to see what the differences were. The work laptop had some warnings but the software fails on the home pc. I get a very unhelpful message of “Windows 7 Upgrade advisor ran into a problem scanning your devices. Upgrade advisor needs to be able to scan your devices to determine if your computer is capable of running Windows 7. Please let us know about this problem.”

Unfortunately there is no UI to send the feedback to Microsoft and there is nothing on the download page either.


  1. hotpress

    I wanted to try this also but someone else ran into compatability/driver issues. Will try again on clean disc and see what happens.

  2. James

    I myself have Win 7 installed on my pc in dual boot with xp home. I installed xp on the primary hdd and 7 on another hdd without any problem, I precise that the first hdd is sata and second one ide. I would add that since I have 7 installed on my pc I had no problem or installation error up to now.

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