Website has now moved

If you can read this, then (and all my other domains) are now moved to a different host. It’s taken a while with each host being moved across at a time, with the last one being I wasn’t looking forward to it as there is a lot of customisation and tweaks in the background that I’ve done to the site. The actual process wasn’t too bad, the complicated bit is the testing to ensure that the new site works whilst keeping the old site active at the same time AND remembering what changes have been made to the old site and replicating them on the new one. MT posts, were simple enough, I just reposted them back to this blog again. I did testing by setting the dns on one pc to the new dns servers on the new hosting company and used that to test whilst keeping another pc on the standard dns to ensure normal internet connectivity. Hopefully it all moved across ok. For those people that are hosting stuff on my site, give me a shout if you can’t get anything to work and for those of you who have read this far, let me know too if there is anything you find that is broken.