Vonage price increase (again)

Vonage prices have gone up again – their socalled $14.99 package now costs $19.02 (up from $18.12 last month) with the extra costs being 99c Regulatory Recovery Fee, 99c Emergency 911 Cost Recovery, $1.15 sales Tax (45c in april and now $1.15????), and the new 90c Federal Universal Service Surcharge. These prices do not vary (apart from sales tax if I make over my 500 minutes) which means that they should really be advertising their 14.99 package as 19.02 – In the UK it was nice to know that the price you were quoted (and on the sales tag) was the price you paid. It is bad enough when you go into a shop here and buy something marked as 99c and it ends up being about 1.06 but the “extras” for the phone system are crazy (and vonage isn’t the only company doing it – they’re all just as bad as each other 🙁


  1. Angela

    Unfortunately, it’s hard for phone companies (digital, cellular, traditional…) to run national advertising that gives a pin-pointed price that includes taxes and regulatory fees. Some localities apply taxes that others do not.

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